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A Level PE Resources

Latest Mock AS and A2 Papers

Our very own Advanced Skills PE Teacher Cyril Nicklin has designed these mock type papers complete with answers and mark scheme.

Free Worksheets to Download:

Below are links to 118 free A level PE revision worksheets.

Grip and Footwork


The Muscles

25 Free Worksheets covering Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal muscle, muscle actions, Prime movers, agonists, antagonists and more.

Grip and Footwork


Bones and Joints

12 Free Worksheets covering The Skeleton, functions of the skeleton, types of joint and more.

Grip and Footwork


Sports Nutrition

7 Free Worksheets covering nutrients, diet and edergy expense in sport.

Grip and Footwork


Circulatory system

10 Free Worksheets covering the heart, circulatory system and blood.

Grip and Footwork


Energy systems

10 Free Worksheets covering the energy systems, ATP, lactic acid and more.

Grip and Footwork


Reasons for participating in sports

6 Free Worksheets looking at Physical, social & psychological reasons for participating in sport.

Grip and Footwork


Health, fitness, exercise & performance

23 Free Worksheets focussing on components of fitness, fitness testing and health implications.

Grip and Footwork


Skill acquisition

20 Free resources and assignment examples relating to skill aquisition.

Grip and Footwork


Personal exercise plan (PEP)

7 Worksheets designed to help A level PE students complete the Personal Exercise Plan

Free Exam Style Questions to Download

Exam questions

Bones & joints - 1
Bones & joints - 2
Bones & joints - 3

Energy systems - 1
Energy systems - 2
Answer sheets

Bones & joints -1
Bones & joints -2
Bones & joints - 3

Energy systems - 1
Energy systems - 2


Analysis of Performance

These analysis worksheets can be adapted for Advanced Level and Intermediate Level PE

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