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Facts about the Respiratory System



  1. Due to the heart being located on the left- hand side of most humans – the right lung is slightly larger than the left.
  2. The highest speed at which expelled particles from a sneeze have been measured to travel is 103.6 mph (167 km/h). Guiness book of records 2004
  3. We lose half a litre of water a day through breathing.

Why do we yawn ?

There are many theories about what makes someone yawn – the latest theory is that it is  to cool our brains, as our brain becomes inefficient if it’s too warm.

It is thought that the reason someone yawns when they see someone else yawn can be traced back up our chain of evolution (chimpanzees do it too). In the past human beings moved around in groups and were constantly in danger of being attacked. It is believed that if everybody yawned in response to seeing someone yawn then the group became more vigilant.

Cures for hiccups

There are many cures for hiccups the most unusual being to inhale something very smelly or to say the word “farmer”.

Why do we sneeze ?

A sneeze is caused by something irritating the lining in the nose. In most cases a histamine is then released by the inflammatory cells in the nose which, in turn, stimulates the nerve endings causing the brain to cause a reflex action to clear the nose. An allergy is the body getting it wrong and misinterpreting something harmless (like pollen) as something that is attacking the body.


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