Badminton is a very tactical and strategic game. Basically you need to keep returning the shuttle for longer than the opponent whilst trying to outwit them, and move them around the court using a variety of shots, with disguise if possible. Being a quick thinker is important to make decisions about what shot to play, in the limited time players have to return the shuttle effectively.

For beginners to badminton the main points to focus on are:

  • Hitting the shuttle consistently high and deep to give time to recover.
  • Try to aim shots to the opponents weaker side (usually backhand), to give the advantage off a weak return.
  • Try to place shots before adding more power, because more power will usually result in more errors.
  • Try to keep the opponent on the move as much as possible and not play me to you badminton. This is when two players just stand in the center of the court and hit the shuttle back and forth between them. Try moving the opponent from the net to the back and from the forehand to backhand side to fatigue them quicker.
  • Keep winning, keep playing the same way
  • Keep losing change the style of play
  • Try to change the speed of play, by mixing up shots. For example hit some slower shots, such as, drop shots and net shots, with faster shots in between, such as, smashes, and drives.
  • Always play to personal strengths and try to exploit the opponents weaknesses.

Master all of these points then start to add disguise to shots or attempt to incorporate more advanced strokes.

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