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Governing Bodies


The 'Fédération Internationale de Basketball' (FIBA) is the world governing body for the sport of basketball. It was established in 1932 and is responsible for the standardisation of international rules. A total of 214 federations are now members of FIBA.

They are also responsible for organising the 'FIBA World Championships'. The mens event in this has been held since 1950, and a womens competition since 1953. Both events are now held every four years, alternating to the Olympics. They are both held in the same year, but in different countries.

In 1989 FIBA agreed to allow professional players to compete in the Olympics. This was first seen at the Barcelona Games in 1992, where the Team USA 'Dream Team' were victorious.

USA Basketball

USA Basketball is the official governing body for the sport in America. They are responsible for selection and all matters concerning 'Team USA' in world tournaments and competitions, such as the Olympics or World Championships.

England Basketball

England Basketball is the official governing body for the sport in England. They are responsible for governing the 'British Basketball League' (BBL) and the English Basketball League (EBL). They were also involved in the creation of a 'Team GB' to compete in international competition.




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