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Weight training can be beneficial in a number of ways. As well as improving muscle tone and helping your body to look more defined, weight training also helps to boost bone density, promote fat-free body mass and increase the strength of your connective tissues. As a result, a lot of people, and especially men, include significant amounts of weight training in their workout routines.

The demands placed on talented young athletes are greater than ever with more opportunities to train and compete than ever,  with athletes balancing demands from school, club, county, region and sometimes country. Here are six signs you might be over training.

UK Athletics now teach in their coaching manual that coaches should adopt an 'athlete centred approach in which the needs of the athlete are placed before the interests of and pressures imposed by, the club, school, parents or coach'. But what does this mean and does everyone in your club understand the policy?

OK we all know that ball hogging number 8 who just won’t pass because deep down he knows he can’t! If you are a coach of a club side who just wants to teach all players to pass consistantly here are our top 5 tips.

For anyone who puts on the 10 shirt, there is a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. From planning the moves for your pacey backline, to telling your large pack of forwards where to be next, there is a lot going on. This blog hope to give you some tips to make life a little easier.