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GCSE PE Revision and Lesson Ideas


We have FREE GCSE PE revision lessons for PE students and Free resources for PE Teachers and Coaches to download and use in your own lessons including lesson ideas and worksheets.

PE GCSE Revision Lessons

Work through our GCSE Physical Education bite sized online revision lessons. We have split GCSE PE into The Human Body, Health and Fitness, Training and Sports Skills and Sport in Society. Select subject area.

The Human Body

Bones, Joints, Muscles, The Respiratory System, The Circulatory System

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness, Exercise, The effects of exercise, Diet and nutrition, Energy, Endurance, Strength, speed and power, Flexibility, Age and gender, Somatotype, Sport and personality, Hygiene, Drugs, Other factors affecting performance

Training and Sporting Skills

Training sessions, Training methods, Fitness testing, Sports injuries, Injury treatments, Skills, Motivation and arousal

Sport in Society

Leisure and recreation, Sports participation , Women in sport, Sporting behaviour, Local sports, Sports facilities, Sporting bodies and organisations, Finance in sport, Sponsorship, Sport and the media, Amateurs and professionals, International sport, The Olympic games

Free PE Teaching Worksheets and Lesson Ideas

FREE Lesson Plans & Teaching Ideas
Ideas on how to make your lessons come alive!....more

FREE Exam Style Questions to Download
Questions and mock papers on everything from anatomy, to health, nutrition & injuries, free to download and use!....more

Frequently Asked Revision Questions
A selection of frequently asked PE questions answered by Rob Walden who is Director of Learning and Assistant Headteacher in a UK Sports College. Work your way through these and the rest should be a breeze....more

GCSE Lesson Notes
GCSE PE lesson notes and questions on bones, joints, movement, diet and exercise, eating disorders, diet and exercise...more

Test Yourself

Interactive Online Quiz
Test your PE knowledge with our interactive online PE quizes. Based on UK GCSE level select subject area and receive instant feeback....more

Flash Cards
Quick fire questions, with instant answers to really make sure you know your subject!....more

Fun And Games!

Who wants to be a millionaire?
A GCSE PE game based on the hit TV show. Are you going to ask the audience? Download this as a PowerPoint presentation....more

GCSE PE Drugs In Sport Learning Game
A game designed to help learn about drugs in sport. Students must describe the key word to one another in pairs. They must not use the following: Actions – e.g. hand signals, sounds like - e.g. sounds like “bugs” = “drugs” ...more

Energy Pathways Powerpoint Presentation
Exactly what it says on the tin. A powerpoint presentation of the science of energy production and its application to sporting performance and physical training....more

Royal Navy Action Packs
Information packs on the following sports courtesy of The Royal Navy; Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Performance Diary, Squash, Hockey, Rugby League, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Rugby Union, Cricket, Netball, Gymnastics, Badminton, Teachers Guide Record of Achievement and Student Worksheets...more

PowerPoint Presentations
A further selection of PowerPoint presentations on the following:
  • Ways in which people can participate in sport 1
  • Ways in which people can participate in sport 2
  • Preventing sports injuries 1
  • Preventing sports injuries 2
  • More..
Sports Leader Resources
A selection of resources for teachers and students studying leadership including a leadership lesson planner, teamwork and leadership powerpoint presentation....more


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GCSE PE Revision

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