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Skeleton Facts


  1. The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone which is located in the ear. It is less than 3mm long.

  2. The skeleton of a newborn baby contains more than 300 parts, which is made up of cartilage. These 'bones' fuse together and turn to bone over time.

  3. On average there are 206 bones within the human skeleton, but, it is quite possible for one person to have 207 bones whilst another might have 205 bones.

  4. If a rib is removed it can gegenerate itself within 3 months.

  5. The only jointless bone in the human skeleton is the hyoid bone which is found in the throat.

  6. Human bones are never more than 20 years old due to the body continually undergoing a process in which the collagen and minerals in the bone being broken down and replaced.

  7. The foot bones grow faster than any other bones in the human body.

  8. Over half of the bones in the human skeleton are in the hands and feet.








The Human Skeleton


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