The aim of this lesson is to learn about our leisure time and what we choose to do in this time (Equivalent to UK GCSE Physical Education)

The reasons why we might get involved in a sport are varied. Lots of things can affect your decision to participate in sport and which sport(s) to choose!


We all have to do sport at school and so your experience of sport at school can affect whether you choose to participate outside of school and later in life.

  • If you enjoy sport at school you are more likely to play sport when you leave school and outside of school hours
  • A good PE teacher can encourage you and improve your confidence in your sporting ability
  • School gives you the opportunity to try lots of different sports, from football, rugby and hockey to tennis, gymnastics and orienteering
  • If you don't want to actually play sport, there are other ways you may be able to get involved, such as being an official, coach or organiser
  • Schools often have good facilities that you might not get access to elsewhere

As well as school, other things can affect our reasons for participating in sports (or not!). You can remember these using the acronym SPAM FACET

Sex - Some sports are still considered male sports and so it is sometimes harder for women to get involved in these sports (e.g. Rugby and football)

Politics - Politics have an effect on the availability of facilities for training and competitions. Governments also decide what sports are taught in schools

Age - Certain age groups tend to play certain sports. Younger people will usually pick the more physically demanding sports such as hockey or rugby, whereas older people are often limited physically and pick less strenuous sports like bowls and swimming

Money - Some sports are expensive because they require lots of expensive equipment or clothing. For example skiing

Fashion - Sports and other activities go in and out of fashion. Media coverage and success of british athletes often has an influence on a sports popularit

Acceptability - Some sports are considered socially unacceptable by some people. For example hunting and horse or dog racing, because of concerns over cruelty to the animals involved

Challenge / Danger - A lot of people like sports which they can get a kick out of and have an element of danger. Extreme sports are becoming more popular

Environment / climate / access to facilities - Where you live will affect the sports you get involved in. The landscape in the lake district for example is perfect for hiking. You need to live near the sea to take part in surfing etc

Technology - Technology affects the availability, cost and safety of some sports It can also improve teaching and coaching aids which increases participation