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Netball Drill - Ball Skills - Shoulder Pass

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Aim: To practice a passing technique over a long distance.

Organisation: 2 players facing each other at a distance suitable for player’s ability, 1 ball. Players pass the ball between each other using correct shoulder pass technique.

Coaching Points:

  • Balanced starting position with opposite foot forward to throwing arm
  • Use second to steady the ball if necessary
  • Hold the ball at head height with fingers spread behind (not under) the ball
  • Body weight is transferred from the back foot to the front foot
  • The hand, arm and shoulder should then thrust forwards towards the target


  • Ensure players use both left and right sides
  • Increase the distance of the pass
  • Move from a static receiver to a moving receiver
  • Add a defender to the moving receiver
  • Apply pressure by using pass in a group drill e.g. Shoulder Pass with 1 Ball


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