Information Processing Quiz

1.  Which part of Whitings Model could also be described as the stimulus identification stage?

Effector Mechanism

Translatory Mechanism

Perceptual Mechanism


2. What is the definition of Response time?

Time taken to complete a movement

Time taken to process the stimuli

Time taken to process stimuli and carry out an action

Time taken to make a decision

3. Which is not a part of the single channel hypothesis?

Can only process 1 piece of information at a time

First stimuli must be cleared before dealing with 2nd stimuli

First stimuli needs to have a movement carried out on it

2nd stimuli must wait until 1st has passed

4. Which part of the information processing model passes the information to the working muscles?

Stimulis identification


Response Selection

Response Programming

5. Where does selective attention take place?



Response Selection

Stimulus identification