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Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is steeped in history, and is the worlds oldest marathon race. It has been held annually since 1897. The race takes place on Patriots' Day, which is the third Monday in April.

One of the most famous elements of the Boston Marathon are the strict entry requirements. Potential participants must achieve the qualifying time at a recognised IAAF course before they can race in Boston. The current qualifying time is 3:10:00 for men aged 18-34, with slight adjustment for older runners and females. This filter adds an allure to the race, and for many who get to compete it is the pinnacle of their running career. Unfortunatly this strict requirement prevents most amateur runners from the chance to participate in the famous race.

More than 500,000 spectators line the streets of Boston to catch a glimpse of the runners, making it New England's most widely viewed sporting event. It has also been a tradition since 1903 for the Boston Red Sox baseball team to play a match on the morning of the race, with the crowd then flocking out to watch the Marathon afterwards.

The Boston Marathon also makes up one of the 5 World Marathon Majors, along with London, Berlin, New York and Chicago.


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