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Football - Fun & Games Drill - Chase


Aim: To improve dribbling, running with the ball, awareness and turns.

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards.

Equipment: Marked area, balls, bibs.

Organisation:  Mark off an area suitable for the age of the players. Mark out a central square using cones and place three balls in the centre. Split the team into four groups, with a group at each corner of the large area. Label each player within a group as number 1, 2 etc. The coach will shout a number; those numbered players run to the balls; turn and dribble back to their corner. The player who didn't get a ball tries to steal one from the other teams.


  • Make the areas smaller or larger
  • Change numbers so players come up against different opponents
  • The players with a ball get a bonus point if they can beat the player without a ball with a trick or piece of skill

Coaching Points

  • Head up / vision / awareness of space
  • Players on their toes anticipating their number being shouted
  • Encourage dribbling player to lose on coming defender with a change of pace, a change of direction, zig zagging, dropping the shoulder / feinting, cut backs, etc.

You can:

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