Shooting Drills

Shooting is probably the most fun part of football training and players from all positions enjoy shooting practice. Being able to strike the ball properly is important with the most popular conventional technique being to strike the ball with the laces. Again, focus on quality and accuracy before trying to take the shot under pressure in a match situation. Players should approach the ball at an angle and kick with the laces following through the ball keeping the foot firm throughout.

Inside Your Half

Small teams play opposite each other on a small pitch, with a small goal at either end. They pass the ball in their own half until a shooting opportunity arises.

Cross, Control & Shoot

Players aim to control a ball that is crossed in from the side and shoot. One player crosses in and aims to cross the ball into a marked area.

Pass, Run & Shoot

Shooter passes the ball off to one player who forwards onto another before the ball is set for a shot.

Pass, Pass & Shoot

The striker lays the ball off to first one player, then a second before receiving the ball back to shoot.

Running At Angles

This drill encourages the striker to run at angles by zig zagging through an agility course then along a line of cones to shoot.

Agility Shoot

Players run through a short agility course before shooting. Can be used as an agility or fitness drill combined with shooting.

Collect Ball & Shoot

Balls are set up along the penalty box D and the player runs to collect each one, position it and then shoot.

Shoot On Sight

Two teams compete in a coned off area to shoot as quickly as possible as balls are crossed or fed in.

First To The Ball Shoots

Two players race to reach the ball and shoot. Encourages competition, reactions and is an excellent speed drill.

Turn & Shoot

Three players continuously feed a striker who must control, turn and shoot in a small coned area.