How to do the perfect Javelin run up. We have broken this down into three parts starting with a simple walking three step approach and building to a full run up. Part one is a walking approach aiming to develop a specific rhythm which will be maintained when greater speed is built up on the runway.

Walking approach

So now we are going to build up the run up and the starting point is three steps. The very first stage is a 1, 2, 3 rhythm.

  • The thrower starts with their feet together.
  • Starting with the left foot for a right-handed thrower.
  • The Javelin should be held back and high as you walk forward.
  • Drive the outside heel up at the point of throw.

The heel goes up and out which takes the hips forward and starts to bring the body into the throw. Relax the arm and work off the legs with the 1, 2, 3 step rhythm.

Javelin specific rhythm

The next stage is to change the rhythm of the drill into a more Javelin specific rhythm which is 1.........2..3 as opposed to the 1.2.3 even rhythm above.

  • Feet together, starting with the left foot for a right handed thrower.
  • Throwing arm back and up, non throwing arm up and forwards in the direction of throw.
  • Practice first without the Javelin to get the rhythm of the legs right. Then with the Javelin.
  • Working off the legs with a nice relaxed arm position.
  • Aim to drive the right foot in front of the left - crossing over rather than just skipping it to meet the front foot.
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