In part 2 of the Javelin run up we will progress onto a longer run up by beginning to carry the Javelin overhead during the approach. This will enable a more normal running action. It doesn't really matter if the point is up or down but round about horizontal is usual.

The Javelin is brought back gently over a couple of strides. There is no need to whip it back quickly. Then we are into the extended short run up as demonstrated in part 1.

When doing practice throws initially it is not important if the thrower goes over the line although they should avoid running to far onto the grass or concrete at the end.

  • Relax the arm
  • Bring the arm back gently
  • The throw should look effortless
  • We are not trying to hit hard with the arm but it is all coming from the legs.

As confidence builds you can work on a full run up. The maximum run up allowed is 33m but for most athletes, particularly beginners this will not be necessary. Again, when practicing the run up we are not throwing for distance but aiming to keep the upper body relaxed for as long as possible.

The focus to throw as soon as you land on the right foot after cross over is the dynamic hoip movement first and extremely quickly. If this is done correctly, the rest will follow.

  • No forcing it
  • Feel the rhythm
  • Be relaxed all the way, particularly with the upper body.
  • The front leg should be solid as you throw.
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