Senior Middle Distance Training

A 52 week training programme aimed at (16-17 yr olds) middle distance athletes who would be expected to train five times per week. Schedule for a middle distance athlete aiming to run 2min 25scs (girl) and 2min 05 (boy) for 800m, 5min 04secs (girl) and 4min 20 (boy) for 1500m.  Additionally 10min 50secs(Girl) and 9min 30secs (boy) for 3000m.

This 12 week cycle will build up the endurance base of the athlete to include strength work e.g. circuits, core stability and hill work.

A slight change of emphasis in training content.  Continue on grass for the bulk of the work carried out but a track session on Thursday would be the ideal.  This is an ideal period in which to include some “hill running”

Athletes endurance base to be maintained during this period to include a long Sunday run. .  Detailed sessions will generally become quicker so extra recovery is built in.  Speed endurance work plus an element of pure speed is included in this period.

In this period the endurance base is always maintained but the emphasis is on speed.

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