Technique & Training

The basics of technique, common pole vaulitng errors that beginners and more advanced vaulters alike make including take off refusal problems. We also look at the elements of a pole vault training program as well as how to choose the right equipment.

Pole vault technique

Beth Harris Level 4 Pole Vault Coach explains the perfect Pole Vault Technique. Start the run up with the Pole up high and in line with the body. This takes the strain off the arms during the run up.

Pole vault training program

A pole vault training program should not just consist of pole vault training but should also include sprint training, strength work and gymnastics. Pole vault coach Beth Harris explains the elements of a pole vault training program and how it should be arranged during the year.

Pole Vault - Choosing a Pole

Pole Vault coach Beth Harris explains how to choose the right pole for you. This will depend on your bodyweight, strength and technical ability. There are also specific rules for pole vault competitions to avoid injury. Initially when learning to vault you need to learn on a straight, stiff pole to make sure you can vault safely over a bar onto the bed.

Common Pole Vaulting Errors

Beth explains the more common errors vaulters make which includes the approach run, plant and take off, choice of pole and grip height.

Pole Vault Take Off Refusal

Often pole vaulters will go through a spell of simply not being able to take off. No matter how hard they try for some reason it just doesn't happen and can be very frustrating. Some unknown psychological block or fear prevents taking off. Beth Harris explains some tactics to cure pole vault take off refusal.

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