Warm Up & Conditioning

The pole vault places a lot of strain on the lower back so it is important to warm up thoroughly and in particular mobilise the lower back. These drills take you through a pole vault specific warm up. Core strength is also important not only for stability at the plant but enabling the vaulter to efficiently invert on the pole. Rope training is an excellent way of improving core strength and getting the athlete used to being upside down. Gymnastics is also an important part of a vaulters training and here we demonstrate a number of useful gymnastics exercises for pole vaulters.

Warm Up - Running Drills

The following warm up drills can be done before a pole vault training session. They work on mobilising the ankle, knee and hip joints ready for the demands of the Pole Vault.

Pole Vault Rope Training

Training with ropes is excellent for improving pole vault technique. The inversion drill mimics the movement on the pole and can get the vaulters used to the feeling of being upside down and improve core strength. Rope climbing is great strength training for pole vaulting.

Pole Vault Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an important part of Pole Vault Training. It improves the athletes body awareness when they are upside down on the pole. The following videos show basic exercises including cartwheels and backwards rolls.

Warm Up - Floor Mobility

With pole vault there is a lot of strain on the back and trunk, particularly at take off and it is important to have a good range of motion but also to be strong throughout that range of motion. These simple warm up drills are excellent for preparing to vault.