With pole vault there is a lot of strain on the back and trunk, particularly at take off and it is important to have a good range of motion but also to be strong throughout that range of motion. These simple warm up drills are excellent for preparing to vault.

Floor mobility drills


  • Cat stretch - arch the back up and down on all fours.
  • Shoulder presses - push the hips down as you push the shoulders up.
  • Elbow to knee and opening right to twist through the range of motion.
  • Knee out to the side - seven times on each side keeping stomach and core strong.
  • Push back and lift knee - keep trunk stable as if you are doing a hurdle drill.
  • Leg sweeps - keep the leg nice and straight.
  • Kick backs - move the knee forwards before kicking back and keep everything in line.
  • Rollies - looks at the athletes awareness of body position. Doing different stretches as the athletes roll up and over.
  • Leg switches - above the head up on your shoulders and move the legs both forwards and backwards as well as sideways
  • Opposite foot to hand - lying on front and passing back leg across to opposite hand keeping the stationary leg straight. Repeat on the back with same foot to same hand.
  • Prone but kicks - 10 times on each side with the same leg to activate the hamstrings.
  • Spiderman switches - nice and quick, a variation on squat thrusts.


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