This type of step formation can be used to move to any corner of the court, and does allow players to move further and faster, especially towards the net.


From the Net: After hitting a shot from the front of court use the dominant foot to step back with first then the other foot, and then the racket foot again and this should take a player back into the ready position, able to move towards the next shot.

From Back court: After hitting a shot from the back of the court, the legs perform a scissor like action as they leave the floor. This means the dominant leg swings forward and the other leg swings back. The non-dominant leg should then be the one that takes the majority of the weight as a players lands on it first, and this should propel them back towards the middle of the court.

Then use the same 3 step pattern of dominant leg, non-dominant, and dominant leg again to get back into the ready position once again.

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