The aim is to improve the push shot technique and service returns. Just 2 players are needed for this exercise. The players set up as they are about to start a point. Player 1 starts as the server, and player 2 as the receiver.

Player 1 hits a short serve in the direction of player 2, player 2 then has to return the shuttle, using a push shot, straight back at the server, trying to hit the server between the waist and chest. The server is allowed to use their racket to try and block the return.

Have 10 attempts then swap roles. The receiver gets a point each time they hit the servers body in the correct position, and the server gets a point each time they block the return with their racket.


  • Hit backhand push shots
  • If the server can return the shuttle then play out the rest of the point as normal using the same scoring method as in a match situation.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct.
  • Make contact with the shuttle as soon as possible.

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