The aim is to improve all strokes and techniques. Start with 1 player at one service line with a shuttle. This player starts as the champion. Have the first challenger on court waiting to receive the serve. More challengers can be lined up off court.

The champion serves to the first challenger. These two players then play a rally using the singles court as a boundary. If the champion wins the rally then they stay as the champion and the challenger joins the back of the line, and the next challenger steps up.

If a challenger wins a rally they go to the other side of the court and become the new champion. The champion that has just been beaten joins the back of the challenger queue.

When a player is champion each time they win a rally as champion they gain a point. At the end of the game see which champion collected the most points.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the grip, footwork and swings are correct for all shots

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