The aim is to improve the lift shot technique. At least 3 players are needed for this drill. Player 1 starts at one service line with a shuttle. Player 2 is positioned on or just in front of the service line on the opposite side of the net.

Player 3 stands on the same side of the net as player 1 but near the baseline. If there are more players they can line up behind player 2 in the service box around the mid court area, and then reduce the amount of shots each player hits.

In this drill player 1 starts with a few shuttles. It is probably easier for them to throw the shuttle over the net to player 2, as it needs to drop in front of the service line.

As the shuttle is thrown player 2 should move into the net leading with their dominant foot and play a lift towards player 3 trying to get the shuttle to drop in the back tramline.

Player 3 collects the shuttle and passes it back to player 1. Each player gets 10 attempts at the lift.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Hit backhand lifts
  • Make it into a competition between the players, see who can get the most shuttles in the back tramline.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct
  • Take the shuttle at the highest point possible.

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