The aim is to improve all strokes and techniques. The easiest way to play this game is by having a coach on one side of the net, and all other players lined up one behind the other on the other side of the net, off the back of the court.

The coach then hits the shuttle up and the first player in line comes onto the court and returns the shuttle with a chosen shot. This player then runs to the back of the line. The coach then plays another shot and the next player in line has to run onto court and return the coaches shot. This keeps going until a shot is missed.

If a player misses a shot they lose a life, however if a player manages to beat the coach with a shot they get an extra life. Missing a shot includes hitting a shuttle wide or long of the court, hitting it into or under the net, and missing the shuttle altogether.

All players start with 5 lives, last player standing wins.


  • Coach can make their returns harder to reach as players get better.
  • Play this game without the coach. Have a line of players at either end of the court behind the baseline. The first player from each line steps onto the court. 1 player starts the rally and after hitting their shot runs around the outside of the court and joins the end of the other line. Each player steps onto the court in turn, plays their shot and joins the end of the other line. All other rules still apply.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the grip, footwork and swings are correct for all shots

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