The aim is to improve the smash and block techniques. Start off with 2 players and a simple drill. Player 1 starts as the feeder with a few shuttles close to their starting position near the mid court. Player 2 is the receiver and also starts near the mid court on the opposite side of the net.

Player 1 hits the shuttle high and deep and player 2 must return each serve with a smash, trying to land the shuttle somewhere close to player 1's feet. Hit 10 serves each.

To make it more interesting allow player 1 to try and return the smash with a block shot. If player 2 hits an un-returnable smash they get a point. However if player 1 manages to return the shuttle then they get a point. first to 10 points wins.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Make this into a full game with the same scoring the only conditions are that it must start with a high serve and a smash, after that any shot can be played.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct.
  • Take the shuttle at the highest point possible

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