The aim is to improve the drive shot technique. This drill involves 4 people, 2 are named team 1 and the remaining 2 players are known as team 2. Team 1 start on 1 half court so there is a player each side of the net. Team 2 then use the other half court with 1 player either side of the net. 1 player on each team starts with a shuttle.

This is a timed drill so a clock or stopwatch is needed. A player or coach starts the drill by shouting 'go', players then hit drive shots back and forth in their team and see how many they can score in a minute. Each drive shot that is hit counts as a point.


  • Hit backhand drives
  • Use the same drill with other shots
  • This could be used with more players in a winning team stays on situation, or if there are more courts available then several matches can be played at the same time. If team 1 beats the score of team 2 on the court they could move up to the next court, the teams that lose move down a court.

Coaching Points: 

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct.

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