This type of serve has several advantages. It is played from in front of the body so it has a shorter distance to travel, which means it gets to the opponent quicker giving them less thinking time.

Also because the feet are closer together players can stand on tip toes, and still be balanced. This will mean the shuttle can start from a higher position, so it won't have to be hit as high reducing the chance for the opponent to attack.

How: Players should start by holding the racket using the thumb grip. The stance should be square or slightly staggered with the racket side foot in front of the other foot. The feet and body should be facing the opponent. The shuttle should be held at waist height, and body weight should be distributed between both feet. The back swing for this stroke is much shorter, it can only go back to about level with the body. Make sure the hand and wrist are cocked.

Now shift the weight on to the balls of the feet or on the toes, again with this stroke there is not much use of the wrist and contact should be made around the thigh area.The racket should move in a pendulum action with little follow through.

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