The drive serve is best used when it is unexpected, because it is hit hard, low and flat so the opposing player has little time to react to it. For the drive serve to be most effective it should be hit to the backhand side of an opponent.

To start the drive serve the racket should be held in the handshake grip. Stand side on facing the forehand side of the court with the non-dominant foot in front of the other. The shuttle should be held in the non-racket hand around waist level.

Most of the body weight should be placed on the dominant (rear) foot. Take the arm back into the back swing position with the wrist and hand cocked. Body weight should then be shifted on to the non-dominant (front) foot. To produce the pace on this serve a lot of quick wrist action, and forearm rotation is needed. Make contact with the shuttle at thigh level.

On the follow through the racket should carry on through in an upward direction on the same line as the shuttle, and finishing above the non-dominant shoulder. It is then important to get into the ready position with both arms up around chest level.

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