This serve is most widely used in doubles. It is more common to use the backhand serve than the forehand one.The flick serve starts off in the same way as a Low Serve, but a last minute change of pace and flick of the wrist should take the shuttle over the opponents reach, but should not allow them much time to run back and hit an effective return.


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How: The handshake grip should be applied. Adopt an identical position to the Low Serve. The shuttle should be held at waist height and body weight placed on the dominant foot. Take the racket arm into the back swing position and once again cock the wrist.

The next stage is to shift body weight onto the non-dominant foot, and again make use of the wrist and forearm to produce the power and snap the wrist to lift the shuttle above the opponent, catching them out. The shoulders and hips should also rotate to face the opponent within this stage of the serve.

Follow the line of the shuttle with the racket on the follow through, and make sure both arms are up and ready for a possible return.

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