As with the forehand clear, the purpose of this shot is to get the shuttle over your opponents head and force them as close to the rear court as you can.

Explanation: A backhand clear is usually only played when a player is not in a position to play a forehand ('round the head') shot and as such, this is a defensive shot. This is one of the toughest shots to play in badminton. As the shuttle is struck behind the body the 'thumb' grip (often confusingly referred to as a backhand grip) should not be used. To enable the correct hitting action the thumb should be diagonally across the grip or placed on the 'bevel' of the grip.

Prior to striking the shuttle the player needs to chassis back towards the rear court and only turn away from the net as the shuttle passes over their head. The player should be looking to lunge with the racket foot in the direction of where the shuttle is due to land. The foot should touch down just before or as the shuttle is struck.

The racket preparation for this shot should be in the form of a loop action whereby the racket head goes over the hand, around and down before accelerating upwards in a 'whip' like action. At the same time extend the shoulder and elbow so that the racket arm is fully extended above the racket shoulder, with the racket pointing up at the sky. Aim to make contact with the shuttle at the highest point and above the dominant foot - or a near as possible, turning the racket shoulder towards the net in the process. Flick the wrist at the last moment to produce more racket head speed and power.

As a lot of the power comes from the flick of the wrist there is not  much follow through on this shot and the racket head should generally finish its swing at the highest point. After hitting the shot switch the feet to once again face the net. Then move back to the mid-court, into the ready position.

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