The drop shot is played from above the head in the same way as the clear except the drop shot is hit with a lot less power. If  played correctly it should have just enough power to clear the net but then drop down to the floor.

This shot is usually only played when the player cannot play a 'round the head' shot with the forehand. Disguising this shot is the key to its success although the strength of a players backhand clear and/or smash will largely dictate the starting position of your opponent i.e. if they are aware that you do not possess a strong backhand clear - as soon as you shape up for a backhand they will most likely move their base position forward in anticipation of a dropshot.


How: The movement for this shot is similar to that of the backhand clear/smash. Sidestep to the rear court leading with the non racket foot until the shuttle passes over your shoulder. At this stage lunge the racket foot to the rear court trying to get under the shuttle as much as possible.

The shot is actually played with your back to the net and the hitting technique played with the racket following a loop type motion finishing with the racket head at the top. There is little or no follow through on this shot with the exception of the wrist motion waving the racket head over the handle to encourage the shuttle to get in a downwards direction.

Once the shot is played the player needs to push back off the racket foot and return to a position facing the net and move back to base ready to play the next shot.

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