The drive shot is hit hard on a horizontal or slightly downward path, usually played down the sidelines of the court. This is a safe shot in badminton and if played correctly it will force an opponent to hit an upward return, giving the other player a chance to attack..

If the shuttle reaches a player between the level of the shoulder and knee, on the forehand side then they could decide to hit a drive shot. If they do decide this is the best option then they need to keep the racket arm up in front of the chest and ensure body weight is spread evenly between both feet.

To get to the shuttle before it drops too low extend the dominant leg towards the shuttle and reach with the racket arm. Then pivot and turn in the direction of the shuttle, have the racket hand palm facing up with the wrist in the cocked position for the back swing. Swing forward and transfer body weight on to the dominant foot. Make sure to extend the racket arm, roll the forearm over in a supination movement and uncock the wrist to provide the power.

The final stage of this stroke is the follow through when the arm should travel in line with the shuttles path, the palm should now be facing down. Then flex and extend the dominant leg to force the body back toward the centre of the court.

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