The net shot is played from the net and when played correctly should just tumble over the top of the net and drop as close to the net as possible on the opponents. Try and reach the shuttle before it drops to low to make the shot easier and give the opponent less time to reach the net shot.

How: To reach the shuttle earlier step forward with the dominant foot and reach with the racket arm. Make sure to put the racket face in line with the dropping shuttle. Aim to put slightly more body weight on the front foot.

When in line with the dropping shuttle, cock the wrist, and as soon as the shuttle comes into the hitting area drop the racket head down and quickly lift it to make contact with the shuttle as close to the top of the net as possible. The racket hand palm should be facing up when making contact. The last of the racket lift should come from the shoulder. This should mean the shuttle bounces off the face with no pace on it, making it fall just over the net.

After making contact with the shuttle the racket should keep moving in a upward direction with the shuttle's path. Step back off the front foot to propel the body back to the mid court.

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