The aim is to improve passing and receiving. Player starts facing a wall about 1 meter back, then executes a two handed chest pass against the wall, and the rebound should come back at the players chest for them catch. The hands should be put in the 'W' shape to catch the ball.



  • When player is confident at this distance they can move back another 50cm and repeat the drill. Move back up to 3 meters away from the wall.
  • Throw faster and harder to make it more of a challenge to hold on to the rebound.
  • Use a different type of pass, i.e. baseball or overhead.

Coaching Points

  • Use the 'W' shape to catch the ball
  • When using the chest pass keep the elbows in, and the hands slightly behind the ball in a relaxed handshake position. Step in the direction of the pass then extend the knees, back and arms forward and release the ball. On the follow through arms should be extended, palms facing down and fingers pointing to the target.

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