Control Drills

The following football drills are aimed at improving ball control. There is likely to be some cross over between the football skills of the control type soccer drills and the passing or dribbling drills.

Player receives the ball, controls and dribbles through two hoops before moving the ball into a small coned area.

Three players receve balls from players in a one line, control, turn and pass to another player in the opposite line.

A mini game where three players link up to try and knock the ball off a central cone whist a lone defender attempts to block.

Players work in pairs aiming to pass the ball to each other between sets of cones and avoiding the other pairs.

Players receive a long pass and have to control the ball keeping it within a coned area then passing back to their partner.

Players receive a more difficult pass in the air from their partner which they simply control and pass back.

Players lay the ball off and receive it back three times along a line of cones aiming to keep control and give accurate passes.

Players around the outside of the circle pass to one in the middle who passes to the other who then returns the ball to the outside circle.

Classic game of piggie in the middle where players around a circle pass the ball whilst two in the middle try to intercept.

Player receives the ball from one of three opposite players and must control and return it to a different player without a ball.

The player in the middle of the circle passes to and receives back either of the players on the outside in turn.

Middle player passes the ball to an outside player who must come to meet the ball and return it. Repeats on opposite side.