Players around the outside of the circle pass to one in the middle who passes to the other who then returns the ball to the outside circle.

Aim: To improve 1st touch / control

Suitable for: U10’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 1 ball

Organisation:  Players stand around the outside of a marked circle. 2 players are positioned in the middle of the circle and numbered 1 and 2. Player 1 commands ball from outside and takes a quick look to see where his partner is, player 1 controls the ball and lays the ball off. Player 2 passes the ball out to a player on the edge of circle without a ball. Player 1 then commands ball from another player. Player 2 passes the ball to outside then adjusts his position to support Player 1. Repetitive practice of 1 minute, second time round Players 1 & 2 change positions.


  • Encourage players to increase tempo

Coaching Points

  • Emphasis is on 1st touch, keep ball out of feet and in the direction of supporting player
  • Communication is essential
  • 1st touch with inside or outside of foot