Players lay the ball off and receive it back three times along a line of cones aiming to keep control and give accurate passes.

Aim: To improve 1st touch / control

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: 4 cones, balls

Organisation:  Players set up as shown in the video and diagram. The player starting the with ball must pass it to the closest player, move forward receive it back play it to the next player and so on.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Encourage players to increase tempo
  • Players to use weaker foot
  • Middle players can lay the ball off to the left or right

Coaching Points

  • Emphasis is on 1st touch, keep ball out of feet and in the direction of next player
  • Communication
  • 1st touch with inside or outside of foot
  • Vision, awareness,
  • Anticipation of direction of pass