Player receives the ball, controls and dribbles through two hoops before moving the ball into a small coned area.



Aim: To improve control and 1st touch

Suitable for: U11’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 6 cones, 2 passing hurdles, 5 balls for 2 players

Organisation: In a square, have 1 working player and 1 player serving the balls. The aim of the drill is for the working player to come towards server and command a ball, the player must then dribble and pass the ball through 2 hurdles and then stop the ball in the opposite marked corner area. Continuous practice.

Working player works with 5 balls then swaps with serving player.


  • Working players to concentrate on the quality of 1st touch in the direction of the first hurdle
  • Increase / decrease the size of the area
  • Have a competition between the 2 players to see how long it takes them to transfer the balls across the area to the other corner

Coaching Points

  • Quality of 1st touch / soft boot
  • Body shape / movement / Speed of play
  • Player alert and on their toes
  • Player to communicate at all times

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