Three players receve balls from players in a one line, control, turn and pass to another player in the opposite line.

Aim: To improve control and 1st touch

Suitable for: U10’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 4 cones, 3 balls for 9 players

Organisation: In a square, 3 teams of 3 work, 2 end players and 1 working player. The aim of the drill is for the working player to exchange passes with his end players, dribble across the area avoiding other players and balls to pass to opposite end player. Continuous practice. Centre player works for 2 minutes then swaps with an end player.


  • End players must take 2 touches, one to control and one to pass
  • Working players to concentrate on the quality of 1st touch in the direction they want to go (in to space towards opposite end)
  • Increase / decrease the size of the area
  • Have a competition between the working players to see how many passes they can make to end players

Coaching Points

  • Quality of 1st touch / soft boot
  • Body shape / movement / Speed of play
  • Player alert and on their toes
  • Player to communicate at all times