Players cross the ball in high from different angles and the keeper must catch and throw the ball back. For variance, the next kick taker can be kept secret in order to develop reactions and vision.


Soccer Goalkeeping Drills

Aim: To improve Goalkeeping techniques

Suitable for
: U10’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, cones and balls

Organisation:  Play is set up using one goal, one GK, 8 players with one ball each. In order starting left to right the serving player hits a lofted cross in to the marked zone in the penalty area. The GK must come with confidence and catch the ball at its highest point. To get the best possible jump, the goalkeeper should jump off one leg and lift the knee. If the GK collects the ball they must move towards the edge of the box and throw the ball towards the cones, simulating a fast break attack.


  • Randomly number the servers so the GK does not know which direction the next cross is coming from.
  • Place a forward in the marked area to try and get on the end of the crosses

Coaching Points

  • Keeper to be on toes all the time
  • The goalkeeper should jump off one leg and lift the knee
  • Anticipation & awareness
  • Footwork - agility & flexibility
  • Starting position
  • Timing