One player takes shots at using five balls spread around the 'D'. This drill is good for shot-stopping, reactions and covering all angles of attack at the goal.


Soccer Goalkeeping Drills

Aim: To improve Goalkeeping techniques

Suitable for
: U8’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, cones and balls


Play is set up using one goal, one GK, one forward and 5 balls. 1 striker works and has five attempts to score. The players come and collect a ball, turn and shoot. As soon as the player shoots they must sprint to pick up another ball. The aim of the drill is for the goalkeeper to quickly decide on angles, positioning and which technique he is going to use to save the ball, chest save, ‘W’, low dive and if they are going to catch the ball or parry it in to a safe area.


  • Ask the forward to mix their shooting technique. Low drives, chip, curl etc.
  • The forward must try and round the keeper 1 on 1.

Coaching Points

  • Keeper to be on toes all the time
  • Anticipation & awareness
  • Footwork - agility & flexibility
  • Starting position
  • Saving technique