Two attackers alternate shooting from different sides of the goal. Keeper must use his feet to get quickly get in a good position to save the next shot.

Soccer Goalkeeping Drills

Aim: To improve Goalkeeping techniques

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

: Marked area, cones and balls

Organisation:  Play is set up using one goal, one GK, two servers, 10 balls. The aim of the drill is for the servers to shoot / volley / throw at the goal in 2 different directions. Server 1 is shown aiming towards the near post both high and low. Server 2 is shown aiming high to the near post but also high to the far post. The timing of the shots is important, as the aim is to work the goalkeeper, but not to make it impossible for them to save the ball.


  • Increase / decrease tempo of shots
  • Disguise the shot so the keeper has to make quick decisions.
  • Increase the distance between servers and GK to wider areas.

Coaching Points

  • Communication, keep talking to the defenders and other players around the last 3rd of the pitch (KEEPER’S BALL !!!) Even at training it is good practice to shout loud for the ball
  • Keeper to be on toes all the time
  • Anticipation & awareness
  • Footwork - agility & flexibility
  • Stance - bend the knees to lower the body, head and shoulders up straight. The legs are now loaded like springs for quicker reaction to low or high shots
  • Decision making regarding the positioning of the hands / arms. Elbows tucked in with hands up or hand low.