Heading Drills

Heading is often a football skill some young players are not keen on. If done badly it will hurt! Try to build up confidence with short easy heading practice to build confidence. Players should head the ball with the middle of their forehead and try to keep their eyes open. Using the nose or the top of the head is going to hurt.

Player tries to head the ball through cone gate targets placed around and behind the players feeding the balls in.

Two small teams compete for the ball in different areas aiming to finish with a headed goal.

Small sided game where players compete on a small pitch and score only with a header.

Players run into a central area before moving out to head the ball into either the near post or far post.

Player runs into the area, quickly changes direction, calls for a ball then heads into goal.

Players run into an area marked by cones to meet the ball and aim to head the ball into the goal.

Players head the ball in a circle between them aiming to keep it up as long as possible.

Four players stand in a square. One player feeds the nezt who heads it on to the next who feeds the last player and so on.

Players practice heading the ball high as they would for defense and low for attacking. Five of each type then change over.