Player runs into the area, quickly changes direction, calls for a ball then heads into goal.


Soccer Heading Drills

Aim: To improve attacking heading techniques

Suitable for: U10’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, balls and cones.

Organisation: Players set up as shown in the video and diagram. Players start from the edge of the box. 2 server’s stand either side of the goal. One Player make a run towards the centre cone and quickly change direction towards a server, calls for the ball and tries to score.


  • Increase / decrease the distance between players and the goal
  • When a player has head the ball he must sprint to the edge of the box, do an activity, like a press up or sit up then join the end of the other queue of players
  • Add goalkeepers

Coaching Points

  • Timing of the header
  • Direction of the header
  • Communication between the player and the server
  • Use the forehead, not the top of the head
  • Players to jump for the ball to take it earlier
  • Player to attack the ball for more power