The aim is to use a double dodge in order to outwit a defender.


Netball Attacking Movement

Organisation: 3 players – 1 worker, 1 shadowing defender and 1 feeder. Cones can be used to signal a point to drive towards. Worker steps to both left and then right or vice versa and then in order to deceive the defender sprints in the opposite direction.

Coaching Points:

  • Body weight over the feet, knees and ankles flexed
  • Head up, eyes on the ball and feeder
  • Step out with left or right foot, whilst dropping the corresponding shoulder and then repeat on the other side of the body
  • Use this second foot to transfer your weight to enable a change of direction
  • Turn your hips and drive towards the cone
  • Take the pass at speed, jumping to control the landing which should be in an upright, balanced position
  • Feeder must throw an appropriate pass which is into the space for the worker to attack


  • Work both sides of the body
  • Increase pressure from defender
  • Apply technique to a 3v3 game or other small game situations with conditions “every ball must be passed to someone who has used a double dodge