The aim is to provide passing options for attacking players.


Netball Attacking Movement

Organisation: 5 players, 1 ball. Two players stand side by side in the middle of the two other players who stand 1 at each end. A defender stands in front of the two middle players. These two players split and drive out at opposite angles, the unmarked player receives the ball from the feeder. The other player changes direction (to head back close to the area from where she started) to receive the next pass. This player then throws the ball to the person at the other end of the area. This allows the practice to begin again, this time from the opposite end.

Coaching Points:


  • Effective use of sprint and change direction technique to maximise success
  • Timing and accuracy of passes in relation to movement
  • Defender must make a clear move left or right to mark one of the attacking players



  • Static feeders/receivers can move to get the ball
  • Defender increases intensity of  pressure on each attacker
  • Attackers to use a variety of attacking moves to outwit the defender
  • Double Lead Level 3