The aim is to enable an attacker to be in front of her defender when receiving the ball.


Netball Attacking Movement

Organisation: 3 players – 1 worker, 1 shadowing defender and 1 feeder. Cones can be used to signal a point to drive towards. Worker and defender begin square to the feeder. The defender must stand on the inside of the worker. Worker drives forwards, stops suddenly and then sprints again cutting off the defender

Coaching Points:

  • Make a strong sprint forwards taking your defender with you
  • Suddenly stop and push hard off the outside foot cutting behind the defender
  • Drive forward again to receive the ball on the same line as the feeder
  • Take the pass at speed, jumping to control the landing which should be in an upright, balanced position
  • Feeder must throw an appropriate pass which is into the space for the worker to attack


  • Work both sides of the body
  • Increase pressure from defender
  • Apply technique to a 3v3 game or other small game situations with conditions “every ball must be passed to someone who has used a front cut