The aim is to practice a passing technique over a short distance to improve Netball skills.


Netball Ball Skills

Organisation: 2 players facing each other at a distance suitable for player’s ability, 1 ball. Players pass the ball between each other using correct bounce pass technique.

Coaching Points:

  • From a two-handed catch take the ball to just above waist height
  • Fingers should be spread behind the ball
  • Keep elbows low and relaxed
  • Transfer weight from back foot to front foot
  • Push the ball down, aiming for it to bounce two-thirds of the distance towards the receiver.


  • Move from a static receiver to a moving receiver
  • Add a defender to the moving receiver
  • Apply pressure by using pass in a group drill e.g. Straight Line Drill 1
  • Apply to circle edge feeds in to a shooter e.g. Shooting: The Lunge