Beginners Marathon Training

This 14 week plan takes the beginner step by step through the training needed to complete your first marathon. Increasing time on your feet and gradually building the miles up is the aim.

For the beginner or first timer they will usually require a 13 or 14 weeks build up program to give themselves the best chance of completing the 26 plus miles of a Marathon.

Below is an example of the first four weeks of a beginners Marathon Training Schedule. Remember doing too much too soon will most likely lead to injury - consitency is key!

Scroll down the page to see weeks 5 to 8 of our beginners Marathon Schedule. By week 8 you’ll be running some serious mileage of between 25 and 30+ miles per week and a number of things will be happening to you

It’s likely that by now you will have a good idea of your average pace per mile – so you can re-calculate your training program from minutes to miles. Do try to stay with the gradual build, a little under or over on a session is no big issue but always stay within the parameters of your program.

Marathons should only be finished at the “Finish Line” not halfway through by impatient Novice training regimes.

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