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Strength - Weight Training Workout

Click on any of the links on this page for free to view weight training exercises with video demonstrations and coaching information. 'Free-weighst' exercises are usually preferred for building strength and power, particularly for sport or bodybuilding. For anyone wanting to improve their power in soccer, hockey, bodybuilding, rugby and racquet sports there are also sports specific free weight training programmes.

Please note: Weight training should not be attempted without proper instruction.

Back & neck weight training exercises




Chest weight training exercises





 Leg Strengthening





Kettle Bell Training


Shoulder Exercises



Arm Exercises





Is free weights training dangerous?

It can be! Free weights training should be learned under the supervision of qualified and experienced trainers. If performed wrongly with poor technique then there is a serious risk of injury.

Why is weight training so good for sport?

The advantage of free weight training over weight training with machines is that in addition to the main muscle groups strengthened the smaller supporting muscles or synergists are used. They help control the movement resulting in a more natural strength development. Also, more explosive movements can be used which simulate natural sporting activities more closely.



Weight Training Programmes

Rugby – Forwards
Rugby – Backs
Body Building for Beginners
Weight Training for Footballers / Soccer players
Racquet Sports Training Programmes
Hockey Training Programmes


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